When The Cow Disappeared 
Kodak 16 mm / DCP 2K

An old farmer discovers that his cow has ran off. During his search for her, he wanders the fields and paths of his pastoral universe, while in the background modernity stirs. The farmer no longer has a grip on a quickly changing world, but through the scenes he witnesses and people he meets, he eventually finds solace and connection. He ends up in a café in the company of the elderly landlady. Alwaar De Koe Verdween (‘When the Cow Disappeared’) deals with a generation and a way of life that are disappearing. The imagery is almost stripped from narrative dramatics, shifting the view to the surroundings and its small intricacies.

Played by non-professional actors from the actual town and environs where the story is set, it conjures an image of a world on the brink of vanishing.

Based on a mythical tale as told by farmers in a small community in Flanders.

Premiered at FIFF Namur 2020

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